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How to stop bullying with martial arts in Bristol?

By 9 January 2023March 14th, 2023No Comments

The back of Roger Gracie Bristol students sat in line watching the coaches teach the technique.



Bullying is a serious problem. It can lead to depression, anxiety and isolation in the victim. It can also cause self-esteem issues, low confidence, and a lack of motivation for future success. In extreme cases, bullying has led to suicide. The best way to stop bullies is by teaching them how to be kinder people through martial arts classes in Bristol.

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated, intentional, aggressive behaviour intended to harm the self-esteem, reputation, or physical well-being of others. It may involve direct threats and harassment or indirect intimidation.

Bullying can take place in person or online. When it’s done online it is referred to as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying includes sending messages with the intent to cause harm; sharing photos, videos or personal information online without permission; gossiping about someone else online through a fake profile; making threats on social media like Facebook or Twitter; sharing mean texts sent between friends on messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Why do martial arts classes help with bullying?

Martial arts classes help you to learn self-discipline, respect and confidence. They also teach you how to defend yourself if someone attacks you without warning, and they can help in stressful situations. When people are bullied, they often do not know how to deal with it. In class, we teach our students how to stay calm during these situations and how to defend themselves as well as help them to tackle their problems head-on rather than avoiding them.

What is the best way of handling bullies in Bristol?

The best way to handle a bully is not to be one. The second best way is to not be a bystander. Reporting them when you see them doing something wrong or being mean, or ignoring them completely. This can help because they will get bored of bullying someone who isn’t responding and move on to someone else more willing to fight back!


You can find out more by visiting our website. We have a wide range of classes and courses for kids and adults, so you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. We also offer specialised training for those who want to learn self-defence skills in order to protect themselves against bullies at school.

Yalcin Sucu

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